Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Scandinavian Tobacco Group centralises ERP

Until recently, all Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s national sales organisations worked using their own, individual ERP systems. In order to be able to work faster and more efficiently, STG chose to develop a single central ERP system for all countries. This decision had an impact on existing EDI communications with , suppliers and logistics partners, so it was important to develop a generic platform that could also support various countries’ specific wishes.

Faster sales and logistics

Cnext took care of the requirements analysis for a standardised EDI platform and its implementation. It was configured with Microsoft BizTalk Server and integrated with STG’s new ERP software, so all purchasing and sales transactions now run seamlessly.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a global supplier in the production of cigars and pipe tobacco. The group employs around 8,000 people, with tobacco production taking place mainly in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Indonesia. The STG group also has sales organisations in over 100 countries, representing various well-known cigar brands such as Café Crème and La Paz.