Belgian Red Cross Flanders

Organise voluntary work more efficiently

The Belgian Red Cross Flanders wanted to automate the administrative tasks for its 14,000 volunteers, such as new member registration, for example. The voluntary sector organisation therefore started by analysing its internal processes. Based on this, the Red Cross then went in search of a partner who could convert this analysis into practice and improve the efficiency of its operations. ‘Cnext used our analysis to implement a self-service portal, which allows our volunteers to carry out their administrative tasks faster and more easily,’ says Luc Botten, Chief Communications Officer / Chief Information Officer for the Belgian Red Cross – Flanders. ‘We’re saving ourselves a huge amount of time.’

Better synchronisation

Cnext played an important role in the analysis of the data exchange between the self-service portal and the CRM system used by the Red Cross. ‘The CRM system shares data with a whole range of applications,‘ says Luc Botten. ‘That’s why we had to perform a thorough analysis of the various processes. The experts from Cnext also had a good look at the synchronisation between our systems so they could improve optimisation.’

‘Despite the complexity of our organisation and processes, the collaboration with Cnext achieved spectacular results very quickly. It’s been a great experience. I’m very impressed by the pragmatic way in which Cnext has simplified and automated our processes,’ concludes Luc Botten.