Niko tackles increasing complexity of customer services

The main challenge facing Niko is the increasing complexity of installation and automation projects, which leads to more complex questions for the service desk. The continued internationalisation of the business also makes it more difficult to organise good customer service.

Analysis of the customer journey

Cnext mapped out Niko’s existing business processes, so the company had a good overview of their maturity and quality. Marc Cobbaut, Customer Service Manager at Niko: “Cnext analysed our customer journey and checked that all our information matched what our customers wants. This led to a few changes in our internal working methods.”

Professional team, great collaboration

“I experienced the collaboration with Cnext very positively. On one hand you’re dealing with professionals who clearly know what they’re dealing with and which processes you need. And on the other hand you don’t have to deal with any overbearing consultants, but with people you can talk to on an equal footing. It was a really good experience.”

Niko is a Belgian company that will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, best known for its switching equipment and home control automation.