Innovative customer interaction

Contact centre N-Allo is constantly looking for innovative ways to interact with customers. It has already built up a strong reputation for telephone, email and instant chat communications, and now it’s working on videoconferencing and active communication via websites.

Complete transparency for customers and end clients

Cnext implemented Traffic Lights, amongst other things, to further this innovation. N-Allo customers receive real-time information about the contact centre’s operational status, including the number of agents logged in, the number of calls being answered, and current service levels. End clients also see an overview of the service availability and possible waiting times.

“Cnext helped us select the Traffic Lights infrastructure, which enables us to place client information in the cloud and re-use it across all our channels – the aim of our multichannel strategy,” says Steven De Deyne, Innovation and Product Developer at N-Allo.

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce internal costs

Operators often had to retrieve information from various customer-supplier systems, which was a very complex and time-consuming affair. So N-Allo and Cnext together developed the Agent Desktop application to resolve this. It displays all the information centralised on a single screen, and provides the operator with automatically personalised opportunities that might interest the client. The application reduces the length of time per conversation, which increases customer satisfaction and cuts internal costs.

Dynamic collaboration thanks to shared vision

“The collaborations for Traffic Lights and Agent Desktop are good examples of N-Allo and Cnext’s shared objectives, to process requests as fast as possible with as little effort from the customer as possible. We’re very happy collaborating with Cnext because, on top of their sound technical skills, they also have a dynamic approach which we recognise in ourselves,” concludes Steven De Deyne.