MSC Belgium

MSC Belgium reduces operational risks with Cnext Axerion

MSC provides cargo transport in shipping containers from and to all continents, with weekly departures and arrivals scheduled in the port of Antwerp. Alongside traditional shipping services, MSC also provides modern door-to-door transport: road, rail and inland waterway freight transport, through its intermodal services partner.

Challenge: MSC handles thousands of containers every day. Each container has its own specifications and stages of transport which need to be managed separately. This results in a huge amount of data traffic between MSC and its customers, business partners, terminals and public administrations.

Inaccurate or incomplete information about a certain container has a direct impact on MSC’s activities, resulting in higher operational costs and smaller margins. It can also cause delays in customers’ distribution chains and problems with broken service level agreements.

Solution: Cnext set up a self-service portal site to give users business insights and an overview of their processes’ KPIs. It also automates all the information-sharing about containers from MCS’s Axerion Suite, which has accelerated the development and implementation of Microsoft BizTalk.

“Axerion has helped us reduce the operational risk of our most important business processes in a very short space of time,” says Gert Dreesen, CIO of MSC Belgium. “The results so far are great and we’re planning to use this same solution for other applications too.”