We can sell our chocolate faster

Maintaining a competitive edge is more important than ever before in an increasingly global market. You have to be able to improve customer interactions to retain any advantage. Libeert (formerly Italo Suisse), an international producer of chocolate with a turnover of €35m, was faced with this challenge following a request from one of its biggest customers. The client, who accounted for 6% of its turnover, asked to change the way the businesses were integrated. And Libeert was of course prepared to fulfil this request because the customer was so important.

Libeert was asked to change its eBusiness standard. More reliable, more secure and faster business integration was required, so the existing FTP communication was replaced by the improved AS2 protocol. Because Libeert didn’t have the knowledge, time or resources in house to implement this integration itself, it went in search of outside help.

“Cnext’s pragmatic approach and vast expertise in integration resulted in this project being completed four times faster than we could have managed internally. Cnext was ready long before the deadline set by the client, and the implementation cost much less than expected,” concludes Danny Roussel, CIO of Libeert.