Maintaining IT standards in a smaller market

Despite its second place worldwide in the construction equipment market, Komatsu has had to operate in a shrinking market for the last five years. The European continent is experiencing big changes, which have resulted in Komatsu having to maintain its performance level with fewer resources, including in the field of IT.

Accelerate and automate

Komatsu has tackled this issue by accelerating and automating its business processes. Its entire sales process, from order to invoice, now runs with as little human intervention as possible. “The technology that Cnext has available means we can now provide the right information in the right place at the right time, which significantly reduces costs,” explains Chris Borremans, CIO for Komatsu Europe. “Cnext worked on the implementation very independently, without disturbing our employees.”

From point-to-point to central repository

The processes within the IT department were also reviewed and streamlined to provide faster software with better quality. “This means we can use IT to change business processes much faster and keep them in line with demand,” says Chris Borremans. Cnext also implemented Axerion monitoring software to ensure that any problems in the information channels are signalled on time, so targeted interventions can resolve them.


Cnext was particularly useful in the field of EAI – Enterprise Application Integration – where it was able to relieve Komatsu’s IT team of a lot of work. “This used to be a big concern for my whole team, but now we only need one architect to work half time on it,” explains Chris Borremans.