Reorganising sales and marketing means more than just a new CRM package

It’s very tempting to use a new CRM package implementation as an excuse to reorganise the sales and marketing department, and the latest generation of CRM software can indeed do a lot more than it could ten years ago, but limiting the introduction of new features will end in disappointment sooner or later. Implementation must support new sales marketing processes too, which in turn have to the support the business strategy.

Lost control

Just ask Isoproc. This rapidly expanding organisation, in the equally fast growing insulation and air-sealing sector, had lost some perspective and control of its data and processes. “I could give you various examples of where things could’ve been better,” explains Arnout Ulenaers, Marketing Director for Isoproc: “Shared managed mailboxes that weren’t being monitored, for instance, or the three Excel files we needed to organise training which weren’t the same as the customer database.”

One intervention was to split the organisation into two divisions: Isoproc Solutions and Isoproc Innoviso. Then a more customer-focused approach was implemented, so customer contacts are followed up properly and no information ever goes missing. It makes sense to pair this with new CRM software.

CRM partner sought

Cnext’s unique approach made an immediate impression on Isoproc’s search for the right partner to install the CRM software, as Arnout Ulenaers recalls: “The workshops didn’t start by focusing on the CRM package; we started from nothing. The entire organisation and all its business processes were examined, which showed up some aspects that were fine, but also some aspects that were under-developed and needed improvement.”

The matter of choosing a CRM package only arose at the end of this process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was decided upon because it met the very specific objectives, according to Arnout Ulenaers: “Firstly, it offers a targeted approach to the market; an architect is not a consumer, so a very different approach is required. Secondly, it results in a much better customer experience with as few internal transfers as possible. And thirdly, we have a much better understanding of and relationships within the market.” The software chosen provides all of this and more, including relevant and convenient management dashboards, and support for mobile employees.

More than just whistles and bells

Isoproc has been given everything it asked for and more. It now has software that can be modified quickly to adapt to a new approach or economic conditions. And above all, thanks to the thorough preparation prior to the implementation, it has a solution that matches its business strategy. This is only possible if you choose the right partner for your project; someone who doesn’t just use whistles and bells to try to convince you. Arnout Ulenaers was aware of this when he opted for Cnext: “The decisive factor that ultimately helped us opt for Cnext was that they ‘got’ us: they fully understood our complex reorganisation and that gave us confidence for our future collaboration.”

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