Galaxy Mobile Solutions

Grown-up advice for a young company

All start-up companies face similar challenges. You want to grow fast, but no faster than you can handle. You want to build an extensive network quickly, but without compromising your prices. And you don’t want practical issues such as your physical or digital infrastructures getting in the way of your ambitions.

Galaxy Mobile Solutions is one of these start-ups: it started providing telecom services to the Belgian market in January 2014. Even though its parent company has been active in the Dutch mobile market for 15 years, Tomas Cautereels, Managing Director of Galaxy Mobile Solutions Belgium, knows that his business will have to go through all the normal growth stages for a start-up company. And not all choices will be the same as for the Dutch parent company.

Customer-focused processes prevail

Galaxy Mobile Solutions Belgium was able to rely on its Dutch parent company for its core processes, which largely remained the same, but the Belgian subsidiary had to develop its own approach to customers. Galaxy Mobile Solutions Belgium uses an external call centre for this, including for making sales agreements. The call centre also registers all contacts with customers and creates tickets for every problem or request, which requires different processes to those used by the Dutch parent company.

Sector knowledge makes difference

Galaxy Mobile Solutions went looking for an experienced partner to automate its sales and service processes as much as possible. “We wanted advice from companies with experience in the world of telecoms who could help us automate our service and support processes,” explains Tomas Cautereels. “So Cnext, with its extensive background in the telecoms sector, was certainly worth considering. The people there understood us very quickly, and asked the right questions to make suggestions for how to improve results. I brainstorm challenges outside their normal field of expertise with them too, and their input is always very valuable.”

Fast adjustments

The software that supports the sales and service processes has to be very flexible, especially as Cautereels now has new plans for another phase in developing its approach to customers. Fast implementation is currently the priority, so that customers can be helped as fast as possible. “In a next stage I want to look at particular customer experiences in detail, so that help member organisations and customers can contact or buy services from Galaxy Mobile Solutions more easily.”

Partner and guide

Companies that have to adapt processes quickly need flexible software. What’s perhaps even more important is having the right partner to implement and support this software. “Cnext is the perfect partner,” according to Tomas Cautereels, “Not just because of their experience in the telecoms sector, but also because they go further than just supporting processes and systems. They introduced us to other partners who showed us how they do things, and helped us with our business issues. They’ve proven to be ‘trusted advisors’ in all aspects.”