Eni gas and power

Eni customers calculate their own monthly payments

Eni gas and power, a relatively new energy supplier in Belgium, wants to make energy simple, transparent and easy to understand. In order to achieve this, it needs to estimate every customer’s annual energy consumption as accurately as possible. Otherwise it risks scaring customers off with annual statements that show the actual consumption to be much higher than anticipated, meaning the customer has to pay extra.

The data needed to calculate monthly contributions correctly is spread over various systems. Eni therefore uses software that can calculate the optimum monthly amount in just a few seconds. This tool can also be used by customers on the Eni website or through the call centre.

Cnext was asked to strengthen the internal integration team and provide a simulation of the software, so it could be used as the basis for optimising payments. Cnext therefore developed software to retrieve and process all the data from Eni’s SAP ERP application, which also uses monitoring and automated controls to intervene in the event of overloading.

Cnext also helped Eni build a self-service website with which customers can easily simulate their consumption and calculate their monthly payments, adjusting it with just a few clicks if required. This dramatically reduces the number of incoming calls to the helpdesk, pushing costs down too.

Eni is an integrated energy company that wants to keep growing in terms of finding, producing, transporting and commercialising oil and gas. The company is active in 85 countries and employs around 79,000 people. Eni sells and distributes electricity, natural gas and mineral products – fuel oil, bitumen and lubricants – in Belgium.