Optimising Destiny’s business processes

Cnext combines methodology and expertise in the telecoms world, and Destiny is reaping the rewards. “The company is growing but thanks to our scalability we can keep improving efficiency,” says Tom Wuyts, Director Customer Operations at Destiny. “We wanted a partner to help us map out and optimise our business processes. The people at Cnext convinced of its their straight away.”

Quick wins and long-term results

“Over the past two months we’ve already achieved good results in the form of a number of quick wins. Obviously some long-term procedures are still running and the ultimate outcome won’t really be seen for a while, but for now the collaboration is going very well and I hope it continues.”

Destiny is a telecom operator active in Belgium and internationally. The company has around 50 employees and achieved a turnover of €10m last year. It focuses on the B2B market, and its service package includes cloud-related products, classic internet and data connectivity, and a very significant voice and unified collaborations component.