BeAligned Grant Thorton

Personalised advice, with BeAligned Grant Thornton

BeAligned, now BeAligned Grant Thornton, met Cnext through a shared customer, Essent. Cnext was implementing a series of process optimisations there, while BeAligned Grant Thornton was drawing up a strategic plan for the years ahead. Cnext also helped to embed this strategic advice effectively in the business. As well as appreciating each other’s sound technical skills, both companies recognised they also shared the same philosophy.

Added value

“We’ll continue to work with Cnext in future because – as we’ve seen on other collaborations with financial institutions recently – it creates a lot of added value for both of us,” says Hans Van Daele, Partner at BeAligned Grant Thornton. “Linking personalised advice to practical implementations is what today’s customer wants.”

BeAligned is a consultancy firm specialising in the implementation of strategic choices. The company joined forces with Grant Thornton last year.