BDO uses roadmap to digitise services

BDO customers increasingly want to use digital channels, so an effective digital transformation of BDO’s activities was very important. A scalable middleware platform is now in place to support BDO’s digital service provision, which means BDO can make its back-end applications available to customers in a secure and reliable way.

Scalable integration platform

BDO Netherlands asked Cnext to help work out a roadmap for the middleware platform, starting with a thorough evaluation of its existing approach to system integration. Various improvements were then suggested, allowing BDO Netherlands to make the right choices for the further development of its online service provision. Cnext has now also helped BDO Netherlands implement the first stages of this detailed roadmap.

BDO is one of the world’s major audit, accountancy and consultancy organisations. Originally comprising three companies from Europe, one from the US and one from Canada, the organisation now employs 48,000 people in more than 135 countries.