Azelis speeds up sales and logistics

Azelis is a leading global speciality chemicals distributor. The company has grown rapidly over recent years over recently years, and now comprises almost 40 distribution companies in Europe, Australia, Canada, India and China, with more than 2,000 suppliers and 50,000 customers. An IT systems upgrade was therefore more than welcome.

Faster sales and logistics

Because Azelis is globally active, its sales and logistics departments need pricing documents and product information sheets in twenty different languages. Cnext performed a thorough requirements analysis and implemented an application to generate documents, seamlessly integrated with Azelis’ ERP system. Salespeople can now process orders faster because they have instant access to the right information in a format they expect, and logistics partners can deliver to customers faster too.

Strict export regulations

Legislation prevents some organisations and companies from receiving chemical products, and it used to be very labour intensive for Azelis to check if customers or suppliers were on the so-called blacklist. Cnext integrated an ‘export on demand’ application for Azelis to trace orders automatically, stopping any that don’t satisfy the regulations. This saves Azelis a substantial amount of time, with the application processing around 430,000 transactions a year.

Standardised EDI platform

In order to work faster, more efficiently and more securely with customers, suppliers and logistics partners, Azelis needed an EDI system to meet international standards, with each department being able to manage it themselves. Cnext therefore implemented an EDI platform with Microsoft BizTalk Server, and integrated it with Azelis’ ERP system. All Azelis’ purchasing and sales transactions now run seamlessly via the platform.
Project Manager, Pam Reay from Azelis: “Cnext helps us on several levels. The professionalism and reliability of employees is particularly notable. They always deliver high-quality work within the agreed time, and document our requirements in great detail to ultimately develop high-quality interfaces.”