Why join us?

You’ll join the most compelling technology company, empowering people for better business decisions through symbiosis between Human and Artificial intelligence. Our ultimate goal is to make humans and AI work together successfully – to build something powerful and ethical. 85% of AI projects currently fail – but with your help we can fix this!


We’re building a state-of-the-art Decision Intelligence platform – a framework that helps with the operationalization of AI or ML for real business decisions. According to renowned analyst firm Gartner, Decision Intelligence is the near future for decision-making and is expected to be a practical focus for more than 33% of large organizations by 2023. Our platform complements major AI technology platforms such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.


Be a frontrunner and become part of this exciting journey, ensuring humans and AI work together successfully. We are looking to expand our team with people who:

  • have a start-up mentality;
  • enjoy lots of autonomy and responsibility;
  • want to work with a team of experts;
  • are enthusiastic to join our pioneering role in combining Human and Artificial Intelligence (Decision Intelligence).


About our team

Cnext is built on an open, respectful, all-inclusive and honest culture, which we share with our customers. Our four capitals are the foundation for the direction of our company, strategy and the people within Cnext. These four capitals are reflected in all the decisions we make.


the emotional capital: do you have enough space to connect with each other starting from our company identity?
the intellectual capital: do you have the competences, knowledge and ideas to fulfill our aims with customers?
the economical capital: is the financial performance healthy at every level of the business (e.g. projects, team, company…)?
the spiritual capital: do you know our objectives and how you can contribute with your personal ambitions?


We are a small team of 15 highly skilled people from different nationalities, getting together from time to time in our offices in Vilnius (LT) or Mechelen (BE). We pride ourselves on our professionalism and aren’t bogged down by inefficient processes often seen in larger organizations. Besides working on our software products, we also take time to share insights and knowledge within the team during our Innovation Labs and Knowledge-Sharing sessions.


There’s also time for some serious fun, of course: once a year we all get together for our offsite team event at a nice location somewhere in Europe (Barcelona, Vilnius, Athens…). We also enjoy team activities such as a virtual reality team game, or solving escape room challenges… whatever we fancy… several times a year.

Spontaneous application

Do you want to join the team at Cnext, but our current vacancies don’t seem quite right for you? Please do not hesitate to send your CV to anyway. We’re looking for people, not profiles.


Microsoft BizTalk Engineer

Development Full-time Microsoft BizTalk Engineer

We are looking for a BizTalk Engineer who can help us be the most compelling technology company, empowering people to make better business decisions through symbiosis between Human and Artificial Intelligence.

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Senior Full Stack Developer

Development Full-time Senior Full Stack Developer

To realise our ambitions of becoming a Decision Intelligence pioneer, we are look for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join our team.

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Azure Cloud Developer

Development Full-time Azure Cloud Developer

To further our ambitions of being a Decision Intelligence pioneer, we're looking for an Azure Cloud Developer to join our Implementation Services Team.

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