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New and improved services with data-driven service design

You’ve got data. You collect it in your contacts with customers, how they interact with your goods and services, and so on. Why not use this mountain of digital gold to give your business a boost? Having a data-driven service design can improve your existing services or help you develop new products – not based simply on a good idea and gut instinct, but on quantitative results. So you’re guaranteed to get more from your contacts with customers.


Take advantage with data-driven service design

Use what you’ve got

Your various software packages already provide a wealth of data – a source you’ve so far left untapped. With data-driven service design, you can make the most of your growing data storage and serve customers better.

Quantitative improvement or development

You can use data analytics to gain useful insights. This means you can base decisions for expanding or improving your goods or services on objective data, rather than just a good idea or gut instinct. The chances of your service design succeeding will go through the roof.

Keep your finger on the pulse

To stay ahead of the competition, you always need to be on the lookout for new opportunities. Fortunately, the engine driving your data factory never stops, so you can use analytics to gain even more insights around the clock. The constant flow of data means service design isn’t a static affair, but a continuous process looking for the best service.

Boost your customer relations

Data-driven service design makes the most of your contacts with customers, helping to ensure you keep them happy by offering them what they need. You can also develop new goods and services which you can be sure will succeed and increase your share-of-wallet. Analytics can even help you find new interesting markets to tap into.


Free workshop

Have you got the data you need for data-driven service design?

Information is the 21st century digital gold. This is clear to see, for example by adding data analytics to create a much more effective and impactful service design.

We work together with you in a half-day workshop to see if your company is ready to get started with data-driven service design. We look at how much and what type of data you’re already collecting, what’s missing, where we can make quick wins, and what new information sources we still need to find. This is the first step to a data-minded organisation.

You can expect:

  • An interactive session that challenges you to consider the role of data in your company
  • A mix of business and IT employees from your organisation who look for valuable data together
  • A specific action plan for your organisation to become data-minded



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Make the most of your data

Make the most of your data

When all your business applications are integrated and processes are running smoothly, you generate a constant flow of data, both about your own operations and about customers throughout their entire lifecycle. You’re already using this huge store of data: you might look up your last contact with a client to prepare for a meeting, or check to see how much revenue they bring in. But the only way to reach the full potential of this data is with data science and analytics. Software recognises patterns in your data and turns them into useful insights.

Your data could show, for example, that a certain module of your product is being used more than others, so you can simplify user access to it by giving it a more prominent place. But there’s much more you can do with data, such as expanding and improving your existing range of services. For example, a recruitment agency could use data analytics to map out factors that affect company loyalty and predict how long candidates will stay with a company. Or a leasing company can use IoT data to predict when to schedule preventive maintenance for its customers. You can even use it to develop entirely new services.

Not a static affair, but a permanent process

Not a static affair, but a permanent process

Data-driven service design isn’t a one-off event where you analyse all your data and make a few improvements in one go. You continue to feed your analytics with new and especially real-time data, generated continuously from contacts with customers in your day-to-day operations. Running your data factory provides you with insights that take all the latest changes into account, so you can respond to shifts in the market faster by having service design driven by data rather than suggestions and ideas.

There’s also a kind of eternal interaction. Improving your service by adding new options or launching an entirely new product in turn provides a lot of new data. This information can then be processed using analytics software to recognise patterns and gain insights that allow you to improve your products and services even further.


What we can do for you

There’s lots we can do to get your company up and running as a well-oiled machine with data as its engine. Check out our plan of action!!

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