Business Integration


Don’t get bogged down in administration

With business integration, you make the most of your existing processes and systems while continuing to use and develop them. Cnext helps you work more efficiently with reduced operational costs, more sales and bigger profits. We use our tried and tested method – which can be applied to all business processes in different sectors – to realise these improvements so you don’t miss any opportunities to serve your customers better or open up new markets.


Why you should get your processes in order

Fast and efficient service

Your administration runs smoothly when all your processes are coordinated and there are no bottlenecks. This keeps your customers and personnel happy, which is reflected in your results.

Less administration for your personnel

We streamline all your processes so the administration needs just a few clicks, saving lots of time and effort. Instead of editing an umpteenth Excel file, your employees can focus on what really matters: using their expertise to help customers.

Get the most from your software

The real power of your various applications comes from how they interact with each other. Your customer service tool gets the customer data from CRM, searches accounts for the latest invoice, and opens the order details from your ERP application in just a few clicks.

See your costs fall and sales rise

You avoid administrative work, which doesn’t earn you anything, as much as possible. It only takes a few clicks when all your business processes are properly integrated, so you save lots of time and effort which you can instead spend on the customer, driving more sales.


Free workshop

Is your organisation making the most of Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps?

The integration platform fulfils a crucial role in your company’s IT landscape. Do you want to find out how your team scores in terms of the Microsoft Integration Platform management, architecture and development best practices? Which risks are covered, and which aren’t? Is your current platform ready to handle greater volumes or support process automation?

During a half-day workshop, we’ll give you

  • a maturity sassessment of your BizTalk server environment ,
  • a clear plan of action for your team to lift BizTalk server and Azure Logic to a higher level.


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An interactive session that challenges you to think about the function of data in your company. Completely free of charge.

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Get your organisation running smoothly

Map it all out

Many companies use different applications to run their internal and customer processes, so we need to know exactly what’s what before we can integrate it all together and make the whole line more efficient. The first step is therefore always to analyse your organisation to identify and map out all the workflows, taking any pre-planned changes and new software into account. This gives us a comprehensive roadmap for you to get started.

Integrate and improve for a well-oiled machine

We can use the map of your business processes to identify any sticking points. Where can you automate duplicated or manual work and ensure it’s no longer needed? Resolving any bottlenecks reduces your administrative load, which cuts costs and benefits sales.

You can resolve some of these issues by adjusting your approach or adding new software and processes, and sometimes the interaction between your software packages can also offer a solution. A simple example could be your marketing software which uses website forms to create new leads in CRM. This mainly makes life easier, because the close interaction between your software benefits the customer in being served quickly and correctly.


What we can do for you

There’s lots we can do to get your company up and running as a well-oiled machine with data as its engine. Check out our plan of action!

I want to find out how you work

Mobile business

Your organisation wants information to be available from anywhere at all times. Your salespeople, customers, distribution department and logistics team all need easy access to company applications so they can work more flexibly and efficiently, even when they’re on the move. But how do you do this securely? We use our certified knowledge of integration methods to ensure successful and reliable data accessibility, so you can use your information even when you’re away from the office. We advise on the various options available and implement them with special attention for the data, logic, synchronisation, security, API management, micro services and process governance.

BizTalk server and Azure Logic Apps

All organisations are using an increasing amount of software, but are the processes optimally aligned? Are you spending more time than you need to? Cnext speeds up your processes by integrating background applications such as ERP, CRM and front and back-end applications. We implement Microsoft BizTalk Server on-premise or in the cloud and configure it to optimise and speed up your business processes with partners and suppliers. We also offer service level agreements for your data sharing platform and monitoring software, so you can manage your business expectations properly.


Robots are here, and they can help your company. Software robots give your company a competitive edge by automating your business processes. These bots can take care of a whole range of repetitive tasks by interpreting, reacting to and communicating with various software systems. A bit like your employees should. But your robot works around the clock and is much more accurate.

Give your business a boost
Robotic Process Automation takes care of complex processes and gives you a streamlined workflow offering unprecedented flexibility. You can quickly integrate it in your systems and add more when you need, with continuous reporting so that you always have the right data to make the right decisions for your business.


Do you have the feeling one of your processes isn’t really running smoothly, but can only guess at where the sticking point is? We help you find the bottleneck and free it up using process mining and prediction. First of all we reconstruct and visualise your business processes. Then we look together for any hidden weaknesses that affect the costs, speed and quality of your work. Once we’ve found the problems, we look for the causes. Then when we’ve got these, we use machine learning and other tools to find ways of resolving them, so you can base your decisions for improving processes on facts.


Processing orders correctly and efficiently from start to finish can sometimes be a challenge. If one link in the chain isn’t working optimally, it can leave a lasting negative impression on your customers and have an adverse effect on your business results. We use our expertise in business processes and financial transactions, and our extensive technological knowhow to automate your order, delivery and payment communications with a predictable budget. This improves your order-to-cash process and minimises the risk of anything going wrong. Cnext also helps with document output management. We develop document templates for email, PDF, web and print based on customer journey insights and results, so you can adopt a more personal approach to your customers.

E-Business and EDI

Do you find it difficult to share information quickly with other departments? Or with your customers, suppliers and partners? Cnext has vast experience in eBusiness and advanced knowledge of big data, the cloud, the internet of things (IoT), mobile business and SaaS apps. These applications help you connect with your business contacts quickly and efficiently in any sector. We determine your requirements for successful B2B integration and implement the technology that allows you to maintain or strengthen your competitive advantage, whether it’s supporting your sales, logistics or invoicing processes. We also offer service level agreements for your data sharing platform and monitoring software, so you can manage your business expectations properly.


You need dynamic business processes for your organisation to work in harmony with its partners and customers. Cumbersome ERP systems in particular can be a big stumbling block. Changes become substantial all too quickly and lead to inflated costs. Mergers and takeovers also often represent a challenge for successful integration. But Cnext has a specialist team using certified products and best practices for quick and easy connection of SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (OPS, Finance, CRM) or any other system to your applications, including those of customers and suppliers. We analyse your requirements and implement the findings, matching your IT to your strategic processes better, so you can focus on working together to deliver what customers expect.

Microsoft Azure

It’s all about connectivity. There are more and more cloud applications to support your business processes, but you can only make optimal use of them by connecting all your on-premise applications to your online applications, so you can use them securely via the cloud and mobile. Cnext has many years’ experience in EAI and cloud integration to improve and speed up your business processes, which in turn means faster profits.