Actionable insights

Extra knowledge

You collect more data and have access to more sources, and can combine and analyse this data to gain better insights into what’s happening in your organisation, with your customers, and in the marketplace as a whole.



Do you want to make a sales forecast for your new product? Or find out how to minimise risks and uncertainties? Customer requirements and market conditions are changing all the time. Is your organisation dynamic enough to deal with this effectively?

Custom algorithm

Cnext offers you affordable forecasting for big and smaller data. We integrate Microsoft Cortana Analytics in your existing IT applications to give you better, faster insights into your market and what you have to offer, so you can optimise your business processes to match your customer requirements. We combine internal and external data sources, enriched with customer information from different channels, and use an online service to run the full data science process. We use Cortana, R/Python and our own expertise to create a customised forecasting algorithm. The result? More efficient stock management, more effective production process planning, and a better overview of your service costs, saving you time and increasing profits.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Perhaps you think that data analysis is only for big companies with lots of data? Or that it’s too expensive, difficult to integrate or not scalable? Cnext makes your customer data more accessible so you can deal with business issues such retention management, cross-selling, upselling, customer segmentation and lead generation.

Affordable approach

We use our experience with Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics platform to give you practical and measurable results quickly at an affordable price. You gain a better understanding of your customer profiles thanks to our Thunderhead technology which converts digital customer interactions into usable data, so you can design your business processes and offerings to better match your customers’ wants and needs.

Data mining

Data mining

Do you want a better understanding of your market, customers and business processes? Do you want to create solid customer profiles? Do you want to spot trends quickly or even help define them? Until now the threshold for data mining has been high because it required expensive technology that was difficult to integrate. Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics linked to R/Python lowers this threshold.


We use our experience with data, web, text and process mining techniques to give you accurate insights into your business processes’ impact on customers. You no longer need to use your gut instinct to answer questions, and can instead rely on an evidence-based approach supported by internal and external data. We understand all the stages of the KDD process (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) and have the expertise required to turn business demand into a customised algorithm. Come and see a demo in our Innovation Lab and find out what Cortana Analytics can do for you.

Big data

Big data

Big data is big business. You can use it to perform valuable analyses which can be the competitive advantage that makes the difference. Does your organisation have the right tools, knowledge and methods to glean useful insights from the available information? And do you know what needs to be done to convert your insights into results?

Your most relevant data

Cnext helps you create value by defining which data sources are relevant for your organisation and feeding this information back into specific business processes. How do you make your customers happy? How do you generate leads faster? How can you make more reliable forecasts? We use your internal and external data to help you answer these questions with measurable results within a week.


You understand the importance of data analysis, but don’t know how best to approach it or integrate the technology? We use Microsoft Cortana Analytics to translate your specific requirements into a tailored approach. We help you develop an analysis tool that is fully linked to your existing IT applications, including data integration and algorithms for segmentation, customer analytics, forecasting and data mining.

Come and test what you’re looking for

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