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With our decision intelligence platform, you augment human expertise with AI to drive better decision-making. To help you add this intelligence to your processes quickly, we designed our Buddies, together with our clients, to solve the most common challenges. But sometimes a ready-made product just doesn't cut it. That's why we've opened up our platform – the power behind our Buddies – to businesses that want to design their own tool that fits perfectly into their workflow and help their employees excel. You can even add your own algorithms.

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What you can do with our platform

Outline your processes and capture your organization’s knowledge with ease with our Decision Design Studio and Wisdom Graph. The Studio is the ideal easy-to-use tool for domain experts to create Decision Maps that solve their challenges. The Wisdom Graph serves to gather all the organizational wisdom needed to augment decisions and represents an implementation plan for the decision process.


Decision Design Studio

Your subject domain experts can use our Studio to create Decision Maps that ensure your business decisions are trusted, consistent, repeatable, robust and explainable. The Maps standardize how organizations reason about the cause and effect of the different elements involved in making a decision without going into the nitty-gritty. You can literally outline a decision process and include everything from end goals, internal and external levers through to the intermediate outcomes and process steps that need to be taken. So our Studio is a great way to align all the stakeholders, such as experts, the business, analysts and IT, to make sure the impact of a decision is understood by everyone and avoid unintended consequences.

Example of the Decision Design Studio


Organizational Wisdom

The best decisions take data, the context and your employees’ expertise into account. Decision intelligence does this and extracts the – often difficult to capture – insights from this combination. We call these insights ‘Organizational Wisdom’ and represent them in a comprehensive knowledge graph, making them actionable and allowing us to reason about them. Organizational Wisdom makes a regular appearance in the modules of our platform. For example, it can be used to make decisions that are smarter and more effective by infusing our self-learning Wisdom Bricks with its insights and then adding them to your decision-making process.


Wisdom Graph

Create a decision-making process that effortlessly combines AI with subject matter expertise at scale, while ensuring that everyone pulls in the same direction. The Wisdom Graph combines your Decision Maps, Organizational Wisdom, data and algorithms to create an implementation plan for your new decision process. Your experts can collaborate to add detailed information to the Graph. Its components are visualized in different types of shareable and reusable Wisdom Bricks, which further promote the understanding and alignment of your implementation plan. The self-learning nature of the Bricks ensures that use of the platform continuously improves your decisions. Their reusability allows for easy, quick and scalable corporate AI deployments.

Wisdom Graph for the prospect scoring Buddy


A product of our platform: Customer Retention Buddy

A churned customer results in considerable revenue loss for organizations. Consequently, improving your retention rate has a significant and positive impact on your bottom line. However, that’s easier said than done. You don’t have a crystal ball that predicts the future. And while increasingly strongly worded emails can provide an indication, some clients just up and leave even when there is nothing wrong. Our Customer Retention Buddy solves this by being your proverbial crystal ball and warning you in advance.

Retain more customers with Buddy

Keep your customers

The Customer Retention Buddy uses artificial intelligence to search for patterns in your customer data that might indicate a client is on the verge of leaving. It can then proactively warn your sales, marketing and customer service about which customers are at risk of leaving.

Your employees are also provided with insights as to why they might churn. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, they can shape and execute the most effective retention strategies that minimize the impact on your revenue. The Buddy’s insights and your strategies can be supplemented by, for instance, our Next Best Offer Buddy, which can help you formulate offers that please your client while keeping an eye on your margins.


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