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Effortlessly boost your business results through decision intelligence, which combines AI with human expertise to help you make better choices for your company. To let organizations easily add decision intelligence to their processes, we created Buddy, the first true decision intelligence application that runs on our specialized platform . Through enriched data sets, combined with AI and your domain knowledge, Buddy discovers patterns in your data and delivers clear insights on which you can act. With these insights in hand, you ensure the most optimal outcome for your organization – such as more revenue, customer retention and so on – in any situation. Buddy covers a variety of scenarios to tackle all your business needs, is easy to integrate and use, and aligns business and data.

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The benefits of our Buddies

Boost your company

Boost your company

The success rate of your decisions will soar when you combine your expertise effortlessly with the analytical capabilities of AI and your data. Knowing which choice is the right one and when to make it will result in increased efficiency and a better bottom line.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Sporting an easily addressable API, Buddy integrates quickly and with little effort into your existing infrastructure. You’ll be unlocking the power of decision intelligence before you know it.

Align stakeholders

Align all stakeholders

Buddy runs on our uniquely designed decision intelligence platform to make your business align with your IT and analysts. With everybody on the same page with regard to your business goals, you’ll achieve even more.

Quick start

Quick start

Our Buddies are ready-made products that cover different needs, from customer lifetime value and lead scoring to customer retention. You provide the data, we handle everything else.


Know the return on investment of our Buddies

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Soar with Buddy, your decision intelligence companion

Our decision intelligence application Buddy is the first of its kind, allowing organizations to improve a wide variety of processes across departments, from marketing and sales to service and operations. With the unique capability to automatically enrich your customer information with firmographic and demographic data, Buddy is the ultimate expert in finding accurate patterns in your data and helping you act on these insights. The rich dataset that is created, combined with AI and infused with your domain expertise, makes Buddy your best bet for business success. In addition, Buddy promises high user adoption, accuracy and impressive business results, whether you use it internally or as a customer-facing application. Our ready-made Buddies cover a wide variety of scenarios for sales and marketing, as well as other departments.

Meet our Buddies

Customer Retention Buddy

Retain more customers with Buddy


Gain insights into how to keep your clients from leaving.

Our customer retention Buddy proactively alerts sales and marketing departments about customers who are at risk of dropping out.

Users get insights about how clients can be retained. These can then be incorporated into effective customer retention strategies that boost margins and drive long-term revenue growth.



Lead Scoring Buddy




helps you with fishing for clients

Your CRM helps fishing for clients


tells you where the best fish are

Buddy tells you where to fish 


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