Business integrations to unlock the power hidden in data and software

Maximize your efficiency and develop new and better services for your clients by connecting all your systems and optimizing data flow. While each of your tools has its own advantages, they only truly come into their own when you integrate them with each other. Having information from your ERP, for instance, readily available in your CRM or vice versa lets you work more efficiently and leads to reduced operational costs, more sales and ultimately a bigger profit. With all your data available everywhere, you can offer clients a high-quality service and even introduce new innovative services.


Why integrate your tools?

Efficiency gains

Efficiency gains

No more endless searches for information or manually entering data from one tool into another. With proper business integrations, you streamline the administrative process for maximum efficiency, freeing up your employees’ time to focus on helping your clients.

Bottom line

A happier bottom line

Efficiency gains and new innovative services mean your clients will get an even better service, resulting in satisfied customers. Sales will boom in no time, costs will plummet and your profit margins will increase.

New opportunities

Get new service opportunities

Mine the mountain of digital data gold to create new services for your clients. How about a clear portal to follow up their orders? Or maybe use the data for advanced analytics to help your clients gain insights into their operations, for instance an HR partner mapping out which factors inspire employee loyalty for customers.

Be ready for innovation

Be ready for innovation

Properly setting up your information flow and data-generating services lays the groundwork for innovation. Add a dash of AI – with our Buddies for instance – and truly unlock the power of your data.


Want to integrate your tools and optimize your organization?

We’re happy to help! Send us a message with your challenges and let’s have a look at how we can solve them together.

I want to streamline my company

Make your customers happy



You love working with your clients and retaining them is one of your key goals. Sometimes, though, clients decide to go with your competitor’s offering and you’re left grasping at straws trying to understand why. There may be a clue hidden away in your data, but the bits and pieces to formulate answers are scattered across your systems and you can’t get a clear overview. By connecting your ERP to your CRM you can, for instance, easily put purchase history alongside the numbers of client interactions and start looking for correlations. You might discover that as contact decreases, so do the orders, giving you a clear insight into how to keep clients happy.



Meet Buddy

With so many customers and a variety of systems, sifting through data – even when everything is connected – is nothing short of a Herculean task. Our Buddies are here to help you with this job. Harnessing the power of Decision Intelligence, where we combine your domain expertise with artificial intelligence, Buddy is your work companion that analyzes data for you in real time, proactively alerts you, and provides actionable insights to keep your client portfolio intact.



Our technological focus

We believe in the power of Microsoft Azure. From BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps to the entire Dynamics 365 suite. Azure holds the potential to make data flow through your organization very smoothly. The many connectors available allow you to integrate non-Microsoft tools as well or we can even create the necessary links ourselves. Not a fan of Azure? No problem, we can help you integrate other systems as well.

Want all your software nicely integrated?

Together, we’ll map your tools, outline how your data should flow through both the software and the organization, and set to work putting theory into practice. Contact us now to see how we can boost your organization.

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