Our top five blogs about data science and software integration of 2018

2018 has been an exciting year for us. We did projects for customers that pushed our knowledge to the limit, participated in the ChainPORT hackathon and kickstarted our blog to document all our stories. So in typical end-of-year fashion, it’s time to look back at the past year with a top five of our most-read blogs. Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, your coziest blanket and cuddle up on the sofa for some interesting data science and integration reading.

1. Three days of improving mobility and document flow with data

On the 11th of October, our Cnext team made a trip to the Port of Antwerp for the ChainPORT hackathon. In true (wo)men-in-black style, we entered the venue decked out in black Cnext shirts. Those matching shirts were a smash hit as we got a lot of compliments from our competitors. Looking and feeling like a team, we were ready for three days of hard work, developing, data science, perseverance and expanding our horizons! You can read what happens next in our most-read blog of 2018.

2. Four pitfalls during software integration and one tip to avoid them (Dutch)

You want to start working with new software like ERP? Then there’s two things you should do: implement and integrate. Unfortunately, we see that things often go awry with the latter, even though it’s crucial to get the most out of your software. To help you make the integration of your application a success, we wrote down four common pitfalls and one tip to avoid them. Read all about it in the runner-up blog.

3. Past limitations: how we circumvented the limited message size in BizTalk and Azure Logic Apps (Dutch)

Many companies are working in hybrid environments, combining the flexibility and easy maintenance of the cloud with the control of on-premise. During a project with a customer, however, we noticed that making the cloud and on-premise environment work together isn’t always easy. With a dash of creativity and a pinch of code, we managed to make it work. A bit more technical, but this blog is still good for a number three spot! Read it here.

4. Why business intelligence isn’t enough anymore

Business Intelligence or BI software combined with a data lake is a household staple in a lot of companies. Combining different data sources in a visual dashboard helps organizations make the right business decisions or makes it possible to predict future sales. Useful, but if you really want to get the most out of your data, BI alone just won’t cut it. With the tagline ‘BI is dead, long live BI’ in mind, we looked at where BI comes up short – but also why you shouldn’t give up on it just yet – in our fourth most-read blog of 2018.

5. Meet the newest members of our Cnext family: Mahmoud, Debarati and Michiel

Did you know we’re actually a pretty fun group to work with? Mahmoud, Debarati and Michiel thought so at least, so they joined us in the summer of 2018. With more projects and more diverse assignments coming our way, they were the people we needed to better serve our customers. Closing off our top five of 2018, is the blog where we introduce them to the world!

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