Meet the newest members of our Cnext family:
Mahmoud, Debarati and Michiel

Cnext is expanding! We’re getting more projects and more diverse assignements, so additions to the team were needed to better server our customers. In the summer of 2018, we got to welcome three new hires to our Cnext family. Read on to meet Mahmoud, Debarati and Michiel.

Meet Mahmoud Elansary

Mahmoud ElansaryHailing from Cairo, Egypt, Mahmoud is one of our new data scientists. Mahmoud has quite a few notches on his study belt. He started by getting a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at Cairo University. Fun fact: a Bachelor in Egypt takes five years instead of three in Belgium! Mahmoud then worked different jobs for a year, mainly as an ERP associate.

Soon, however, his hunger for more knowledge took over and he made the decision in 2010 to move to Belgium to get a Master of Science degree in bio-informatics at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). He continued working in the research field while preparing for his PhD at top European institute GIGA Research Center in Liège. During that time, Mahmoud was also assistant professor at the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Liège. He supervised students that had to analyze biological big data sets, combining biology with data science.

Mahmoud isn’t afraid of a challenge

Mahmoud loves being challenged and learning about new fields. It’s been the common thread throughout his studies and in choosing to join Cnext: “I chose bio-informatics because apart from delving deeper into data science, I could learn about this entirely new field, namely biology. I’m always looking to challenge myself and my knowledge, which is why I really wanted to work in consultancy and work in different areas of data science.”

“When I was contacted by a recruiter to apply at Cnext, I checked out their website. Through their references, I became impressed with the amazing things they did for their clients. It started to itch to learn those things myself. Especially getting to know more about business integrations, which in essence are the base of data science, is what made me apply at Cnext!”


“The mind is a data lake, fill it with different experiences for the best results.”

– Mahmoud Elansary

Meet Debarati Ganguli

Debarati GanguliDebarati joined us in August after making the move from Bangalore, India to Belgium. Her professional life started with a master’s degree in economics. During her studies, she had to work with statistics quite a lot. Debarati wanted to gain more knowledge on the practical applications of the data in statistics and hence an interest in data science was kindled.

For the past ten years, Debarati has been part of the workforce in India. She started her career at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. She was part of the cell that did research to help the government with its policies. After a couple of years, the hunger for data science grew and she left her job to become a data scientist at Capgemini, where she helped build their analytics team from the ground up. After Capgemini, she continued her passion for data at IBM.

A warm welcome at Cnext

A little over a year ago, Debarati followed her husband to Belgium, leaving behind a successful career. Not an easy decision, but she was eager to develop her skills in data science in a completely different environment. The job search wasn’t easy, she explains: “There was of course the language barrier and the fact that my new employer had to vouch for my work permit. When I was contacted by a recruiter for Cnext, I expected to run into the same problems. It wasn’t an issue however, and they welcomed me with open arms.”

“I was delighted because the role they offered was right up my alley. From the start, I could sense that there was a very cosy and family-like atmosphere. The way Cnext went about their work, spoke to me very much. And that initial feeling hasn’t been proven wrong once since I’ve started working here.”


“Don’t let fear of failure keep you from living your dream”

– Debarati Ganguli

Meet Michiel Berckvens

Michiel BerckvensFresh out of school, Michiel joined us in September. He has had a big interest in electronics and IT from a young age: studying electronics during high school was followed by a professional Bachelor in electronics and ICT. Even afterwards, Michiel’s hunger for knowledge wasn’t satisfied. He took a supplementary year to make the switch to a Master’s degree in industrial engineering, specializing in ICT.

Michiel went abroad with Erasmus to write his thesis in Malta. The topic: solving mobility challenges with machine learning. Even though Malta is a small country, there’s a lot of traffic. Michiel was tasked to optimize one of the main thoroughfares in island state to reduce congestion and pollution.

Applying from abroad

It was in Malta that Michiel first came into contact with Cnext: “When you have a technical profile, there’s no end to the flood of LinkedIn messages. So it usually takes some time for me to respond, but when Peter Van Kerkhove sent me a message, I was intrigued and answered immediately. I love learning about new tech and I was really interested in blockchain at the moment. From our conversation I quickly learned that Cnext encourages experimenting with technology and that blockchain was definitely on the table.”

Finishing his time in Malta, Michiel flew back to Belgium and met up with Cnext within a week. “The cozy family atmosphere, the room for personal development and the feeling that what you do actually makes a difference, won me over. As a consultant, I can work on diverse projects which always challenge what you know. It’s a great learning opportunity!”


“A challenge is just another opportunity to grow.”

– Michiel Berckvens


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