Solving mobility challenges at the ChainPORT hackathon in Antwerp

A port is a complex environment that’s faced with a lot of challenges to make everything run smoothly. The port of Antwerp thinks quite a few of those can be solved with technology. So they are organizing the ChainPORT hackathon from October 11th to October 13th, where teams from various backgrounds and professions can tackle issues with innovation. A technological playground that’s right up our alley, so we have no other choice than send a delegation of seven Cnext’ers, myself included, to work on mobility.

Six challenges and a lot of learning

Participating teams have to work on at least one of six different challenges. They can try to solve the mobility issues around the port, create an efficient and secure way to share data between different world ports, up the safety and security, focus on digitalization and document processes, sustainability, or find a way to apply gamification to educational programs within the port. Our team will work on the very first of those: mobility. If we have time to spare, we’ll also try our hand at improving process and document flow. It’ll be a great learning experience. Me and my colleagues will need to be on our A game and go above and beyond what we know. Comfort zones will be left behind and out-of-the-box thinking will be the norm! Afterwards, we’ll have a nice package of new insights to take home with us.

A sneak peek at what we’ll do

As a nexus of commerce, a lot of people make the trip to and from the port, either for their daily commute or for meetings. There’s also a lot of cargo traffic within the port. The result: a lot of congestion, wasted time in cars and an unhealthy impact on the environment. Improving this is a daunting task that we’re more than ready to take on!

There’s a ton of different ways we can go about this. After some brainstorming, we got tons of ideas. We could do something with carsharing, improve the planning of meetings and aligning agendas or we could work on decreasing cargo transport on the road. All through the use of data and analytics, of course! We’ve settled on one approach, but we’ll keep that a secret until we’re at the hackthon. Curious for the end result? Then keep an eye on our blog page! We’ll unveil our secrets about our solution after the hackathon.

cnext team on a hiking path past the Barcelona port

Even on our teambuilding trip a few weeks ago our hackathon team couldn’t stop thinking about ChainPORT. So they took the whole Cnext crew on a hike past the Barcelona port!


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