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The smartest plugin for your CRM or ERP to quickly find new customers and retain more of them


What is artificial intelligence?

AI is the ability of machines to imitate human intelligence. This is usually translated into software that learns and thinks based on data. The data in a corporate setting is often generated by customers, marketing tools, order systems, financial software, projects, production, logistics or other systems.

What is decision intelligence?

Decision intelligence combines artificial with human intelligence. Its application provides a framework for new best practices in organizational decision-making and processes for applying machine learning at scale. Gartner has tipped it as the near-future of corporate decision-making.


Today's challenges


50 percent of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting

50 percent of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.


Churn rate in B2B is 24 percent on average

Churn rate in B2B is 24 percent on average.


10 percent of your customers reduce profit with 50 percent or more

On average, 10 percent of your customers reduce your profit with 50 percent or more.


35 percent of companies suffer inacurate targeting

About 35 percent of companies suffer from inaccurate targeting. 30 percent have lost customers due to this.


Take better decisions with our Buddies

Meet Buddy

Whether your business soars or fizzles out depends on making the right decisions at key moments. Consequently, making sure your decisions are based on facts and not gut feeling is crucial.

Buddy is a unique decision intelligence platform with a human approach that allows organizations to improve many different processes across departments, from marketing and sales to service and operations. For instance, you’ll improve lead scoring and increase cross-selling.

Buddy has the unique capability to automatically enrich your customer information, such as order data and net promoter score, with firmographic and industry-specific data, and then find the most accurate patterns.

Business woman thinking about how she can better her company and profits

Graph on how to boost your business

Your challenges, our solution

Sales and marketing spend, on average, 50 percent of their time on following up unproductive prospects.

Moreover, within B2B the average customer churn rate is 24 percent, whereby losing one usually costs you more than twice the revenue they brought in.

Luckily, you don’t just have to accept these statistics. Adding the artificial intelligence of Buddy lets you solve these challenges. Companies that have embraced AI see revenue growth that is 2.3 times the industry average.

Buddy can be deployed as plug-ins to your CRM or as standalone and easy-to-use cloud applications


Lead Scoring Buddy





helps you with fishing for clients

Your CRM helps fishing for clients



tells you where the best fish are

Buddy tells you where to fish

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what the ROI of this Buddy is for you?

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Customer Retention Buddy

Retain more customers with Buddy


Gain insights into how to keep your clients from leaving.

Our customer retention Buddy proactively alerts sales and marketing departments about customers who are at risk of dropping out.

Users get insights about how clients can be retained. These can then be incorporated into effective customer retention strategies that boost margins and drive long-term revenue growth.


How does it work?

Up & running in days



As a basis we only need your order lines via a .csv, Excel export or a simple integration



Buddy AI-magic automatically enriches your datasets with external data sources and finds hidden patterns



Within simple & easy-to-use dashboards Buddy reveals:

– New companies likely to buy from you​
– Which ones are showing churn behaviour
– Presents the different customer segments with complete RFM (Recency – Frequency – Monetary Value) analysis

Act now with the help of Buddy and boost your sales!

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