Customer experience


Organisations are focusing on customers more and more. Attention is shifting from the product or service to customer interaction. Is your organisation building long-term relationships with customers? We align your business strategy with your IT to maximise your impact. We help you improve customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding expectations.



Customer journey

Customer journey

Were the customer journey maps in your organisation created in fairly abstract workshop exercises? Do you want to go a step further than just talking about it internally?

What the customer really does

We give you the tools to map out your real interactions. We listen to what your customer has to say via various digital channels, and convert this information into concrete figures using Thunderhead technology.

Positive customer experience

This gives you a reliable picture of your customer interactions, which you can use as a basis for optimising your market segmentation, marketing, sales channels, customer care processes and more. The contacts that customers experience with your organisation determine whether or not they will come back. It’s essential that you offer them a positive customer experience. We can help you do this, by improving the customer journey and all customer experiences within just 12 weeks.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

You want to meet your customers’ expectations and provide more digital services, but you haven’t fully digitised the necessary processes yet? And perhaps the various systems you need to reach your objectives aren’t sufficiently linked together? How easy is it for you to unlock data about your customers and their past with your company?

Customer first

We help you use the customer’s perspective as your starting point; who they are and what they want. Then we look at your organisation, processes and systems. We create a plan to connect the right systems and sources together so you can use digital processes to meet you customers’ expectations.

More impact on your customers

You can count on us to bring your IT systems fully in line with what your business needs to have the desired impact on customers.

Customer care

Customer care

Get ready for omnichannel, because today’s customers are deciding for themselves how they want to contact your organisation. 96% of contact centres use more than one channel of communication, but only 27% of organisations are integrated.

All channels combined

We use Smartconnect to align all your communication channels (email, phone, social media, instant messaging and more) with your existing operational processes. This makes it easier to contact you and gives you a good overview of all your interactions with customers, so your customer service advisors can respond quickly to meet your customers’ expectations, and nobody needs to waste any time.

Better service

Cnext has one aim: happy customers, whichever process they’re using or department they’re in touch with. Your employees can help customers more efficiently with Microsoft Unified Service Desk, which displays all the customer information from different sources on a single convenient interface, ensuring fast and accurate service. It also enables customers to provide feedback so you can improve employee performance.



Use your data; it’s valuable. Work with it to make the most of your customer data and communications. Take advantage of our experience in software integration, and reap the benefits of a customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. Cnext analyses what you need and delivers a complete xRM environment within 3 weeks to 6 months.

Customer is central

Adapted to your specific requirements, CRM makes it easier for your sales, marketing and service departments to work together. This software shows all your customer information from internal and external sources, helping you to organise promotions and campaign management, and collaborate with partners more easily.

Better prognoses

CRM makes information available to everyone, even when they’re on the move. Your people have more access to customer information and can make realistic sales and churn forecasts and better product recommendations.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

How do you make your customer happy? Is it the same for every customer? What exactly do your customers want? Our specialists use your data to answer these questions and more together with you in our Innovation Lab. We use our expertise in data science techniques to collect information from various sources and divide your customer base into various subgroups based on shared properties (micro-segmentation).

Targeted approach and results

This segmentation means you can choose a targeted approach per subgroup, and find out which subgroups your organisation can benefit more from. Use a recommendation engine to create personalised customer offers designed to match current or future requirements per segment, or even per individual.