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Get loyal customers with customer analytics

To satisfy customers, you at least need to serve them properly. Your products and services must closely match their situation and desires – something which is only possible if you know who they are, even when you’ve got tens of thousands of them. Fortunately, customer analytics is here to help. Intelligent algorithms analyse your data to give you general and segmented customer profiles. You can use the insights gained to fine-tune your service and meet individual customer requirements.


What do you get from customer analytics?

Better customer contact

The aim of customer analytics is to improve your contact with customers. We gather all the various touchpoints together and look at how we can make them run more smoothly. If your contact with a customer is easy and enjoyable, sales are sure to follow.

Launch new products and services with more certainty

You can analyse data to find out what your customers want and what makes them tick, so you have a better idea if new services will be a hit with existing and potential customers in advance. You can even go a step further and use the insights gained from your analyses as a basis for developing new products.

Optimise your existing offering

Thanks to customer analytics, we know who your customers are and how they use your products or services. Machine learning can then help gain insights into developing the ideal product and how best to segment your customers, so you can optimise your goods and services based on facts rather than assumptions.

A satisfied customer stays longer

You can use customer analytics to clearly map out your customer requirements and fine-tune your range of services better. If your customers can always find what they’re looking for, they’ll be less likely to go elsewhere, which is good news for you. Have you already got lots of customer data? Then we can use the predictive powers of artificial intelligence to maximise sales in your existing customer portfolio.


Free workshop

Is your company ready for customer analytics?

Information is the 21st century digital gold. You can use data science and analytics to achieve endless benefits.

We work together with you in a half-day workshop to see if your company is ready to become data-driven with customer analytics. We look at how much and what type of data you’re already collecting, what’s missing, where we can make quick wins, and what new information sources we still need to find.

You can expect:

  • An interactive session that challenges you to consider the role of data in your company
  • A mix of business and IT employees from your organisation who look for valuable data together
  • A specific action plan for your organisation to become data-minded


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A CRM system is often the central tool that most companies use to store all their customer information. But CRM isn’t enough. Technology that saves your interactions on social media, for example, or web analytics that monitor what’s clicked on your website, provide valuable data about your customer behaviour. If you connect this to all your customer touchpoints – call centre, sales outlets, inside sales, afters sales, etc. – you have a wealth of data to gain valuable insights from.

Once your well-oiled data collection machine is up and running, you won’t need to process data manually anymore. Data science and analytics software can rescue you. Our people use state-of-the-art technology to find links and trends that help you know and understand your customer behaviour better.

Machine learning can, for example, help us extract characteristics from data that are decisive for customer retention. These insights are then fed into predictive algorithms so that clients can be informed pro-actively when a customer is leaving, giving them a chance to take action. This is just one way in which we can convert data insights into added value for your company.


Use facts to establish your customer profile

Use facts to establish your customer profile

It’s often the case that different departments within an organisation – such as sales, marketing and finance – each have a different customer profile. This makes it very difficult to focus on the customer and give them the service they expect. It also often means your company doesn’t know which type of customer is its most important.

A well-oiled data machine can help quantify qualitative results and substantiate your gut feeling with facts. The algorithms collect all your customer data and turn it into clear statistics which you can use to objectively adjust your customer profiles and determine who your most valuable customers are. What’s more: with AI, you can use customer segmentation, marketing and operational processes to forecast future customer sales.


Newer, more loyal customers

Newer, more loyal customers

AI and data science are very good at recognising patterns in big data sets. This means you can go a step further than simply knowing your customer; you can find out which actions lead to new ones. You can use algorithms to analyse your leads over the last year, for example: the software will look at which ones became customers and what route they took, before working out which next steps are most likely to lead to a sale. Maybe it would be better to call than email? Or maybe leads from your events have the highest conversion rate?

Pattern analysis of your customer base can also help you check the characteristics of your most loyal customers; information that you can use in your sales prospecting. Are your most loyal customers mainly SMEs with 10 to 30 employees? Then focus your sales strategy accordingly. You can even gain insights to stimulate more loyalty in your existing customer base.


What we can do for you

There’s lots we can do to get your company up and running as a well-oiled machine with data as its engine. Check out our plan of action!

I want to find out how you work


How do you make your customer happy? Is it the same for every customer? What exactly do your customers want? Our specialists use your data to answer these questions and more together with you in our Innovation Lab. We use our expertise in data science techniques to collect information from various sources and divide your customer base into various subgroups based on shared properties (micro-segmentation).

Targeted approach and results
This segmentation means you can choose a targeted approach per subgroup, and find out which subgroups your organisation can benefit more from. Use a recommendation engine to create personalised customer offers designed to match current or future requirements per segment, or even per individual.

Customer journey

Were the customer journey maps in your organisation created in fairly abstract workshop exercises? Do you want to go a step further than just talking about it internally or having whiteboard sessions that are based on assumptions?

What the customer really does
We give you the tools to map out your real interactions. We listen to what your customer has to say via various digital channels, and convert this information into concrete figures using process discovery technology.

Positive customer experience
This gives you a reliable picture of your customer interactions which you can use as a basis for optimising your market segmentation, marketing, sales channels, customer care processes and more. The contacts that customers experience with your organisation determine if they’ll come back or not. It’s essential that you offer them a positive customer experience. We can help you do this by improving your customer journey and all customer experiences within just 12 weeks.


Use your data; it’s valuable. Work with it to make the most of your customer data and communications. Take advantage of our experience in software integration by using a customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application. Cnext analyses what you need and delivers a complete environment within 3 weeks to 6 months.

Customer is key
Adapted to your specific requirements, CRM makes it easier for your sales, marketing and service departments to work together. This software shows all your customer information from internal and external sources, helping you to organise promotions and campaign management and collaborate with partners more easily.

Better prognoses with AI
CRM makes information available to everyone, even when they’re on the move. Your people have more access to customer information and can make realistic sales and churn forecasts and better product recommendations.

Internet of Things

You’ve heard of the ‘internet of things’ but do you know how it can help your organisation? Or how to go about setting it up? Cnext informs you of the possibilities for interconnectivity between everyday objects, your data and your network, and then implements them. Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite with Cortana Analytics gives you the best competitive advantage possible from IoT, and our expertise and best practices ensure you use a secure and standardised method. You get objective and real-time metrics, so your data is more accurate and reliable, and you can adapt quickly if necessary.


Do you want to make a sales forecast for your new product? Or find out how to minimise risks and uncertainties? Customer requirements and market conditions are changing all the time. Is your organisation dynamic enough to deal with this effectively?

Custom algorithm
Cnext offers you affordable forecasting for big and smaller data. We integrate Microsoft Machine Learning and AI in your existing IT applications to give you better, faster insights into your market and what you have to offer, so you can optimise your business processes to match your customer requirements. We combine internal and external data sources, enriched with customer information from different channels, and use an online service to run the full data science process. We use Cortana, R/Python and our own expertise to create a customised forecasting algorithm. The result? More efficient stock management, more effective production process planning, and a better overview of your service costs, saving you time and increasing profits.

AI and Datafactory-driven design

You understand the importance of data analysis, but don’t know how best to approach it or integrate the technology? We use Microsoft Cortana Analytics to translate your specific requirements into a tailored approach. We help you develop an analysis tool that is fully linked to your existing IT applications, including data integration and algorithms for segmentation, customer analytics, forecasting and data mining.

Come and test what you’re looking for
Visit our Innovation Lab to see what Cortana Analytics can offer you.

Big Data

Big data is big business. You can use it to perform valuable analyses which can be the competitive advantage that makes the difference. Does your organisation have the right tools, knowledge and methods to glean useful insights from the available information? And do you know what needs to be done to convert your insights into results?

Your most relevant data
Cnext helps you create value by defining which data sources are relevant for your organisation and feeding this information back into specific business processes. How do you make your customers happy? How do you generate leads faster? How can you make more reliable forecasts? We use your internal and external data to help you answer these questions with measurable results within a week.

Machine Learning

Do you want a better understanding of your market, customers and business processes? Do you want to create solid customer profiles? Do you want to spot trends quickly or even help define them? Until now the threshold for data mining has been high because it required expensive technology that was difficult to integrate. Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics linked to R/Python lowers this threshold.

We use our experience with data, web, text and process mining techniques to give you accurate insights into your business processes’ impact on customers. You no longer need to use your gut instinct to answer questions, and can instead rely on an evidence-based approach supported by internal and external data. We understand all the stages of the KDD process (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) and have the expertise required to turn business demand into a customised algorithm. Come and see a demo in our Innovation Lab and find out what Cortana Analytics can do for you.